Go Microservice Developer

Interested in becoming a Go Microservice Developer?

Anaeko is expanding the company’s Go Microservice Development Capability and is seeking enthusiastic Kubernetes developers to join specialist Agile Development and DevOps teams.

Anaeko has developed an accelerated training programme to rapidly train experienced open source microservice developers in Kubernetes.

This is a unique opportunity to develop leading edge skills, learn an in-demand programming language and receive mentorship from an expert team of multicloud developers.

Successful candidates will work within distributed scrum teams to develop highly scalable Kubernetes microservices on a RefHat platform. Each scrum team is responsible for multiple next generation micro-services, applying advanced security and encryption, and delivering into a public cloud service catalogue. Team members will collaborate within a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment to design, develop and optimise high performant services. This fast-paced and challenging environment will rapidly develop skills across CI/CD pipelines, test automation, advanced Linux scripting and Microservice Controller development within highly supportive and interactive development squads. The projects will give team members a very privileged and unique perspective on the market requirements, architecture, certifications, quality control and operations of a global public cloud platform and how to optimise public cloud for regional access.

If you think you have the energy and enthusiasm to learn new skills in Go Microservice development then get in touch.

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