Anaeko Services

Agile cloud integration

Anaeko provides integration services that deliver business value.

From over 400 projects Anaeko has delivered since 2004 we have observed a recurring need for the same integration services. From this experience we identified the services where we deliver the most business value.

We now provide tailored delivery of these specialist services using proven techniques.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Integration Services - Hybrid Cloud Integration

Integration Assessment

Cloud Connectors

API Design

Compatibility Testing

Interoperability Testing

Connected Devices

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Analytics Accelerator

Data Readiness

Analytics Platforms

Self-Service Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Report Automation

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Integrated Analytics

Integration Services - Integrated Analytics

Storage Optimisation

Integration Services - Storage Optimisation

Cloud Storage Assessments

Storage Integration Workshop

Storage Analytics

Storage Plugins

Storage Migration

Storage Optimisation

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Application Design

Application Development

Test Automation

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

DevOps Reporting

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Multi Cloud DevOps

Integration Services - Multi cloud devops

Anaeko productises integration

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