Anaeko Hybrid Cloud Integration Services

Cloud integration

Anaeko Hybrid Cloud Integration Services optimise workflows between applications, appliances and devices to perform at scale.

We connect Enterprise Applications with Private Cloud and Public Cloud IT Services and connect sensors and mobile applications with cloud platforms.

Our custom approach to integration outperforms abstract integration frameworks that oversimplify integration for less experienced developers.

Anaeko delivers advanced integration using experienced integration experts and applying proprietary Anaeko integration know-how.

Overcome integration challenges with an integration assessment

Hybrid Cloud Integration - Integration Assessment

Integration Assessment

Expert analysis to improve your integration architecture.

Hybrid Cloud Integration - Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors

Developing plugins that stream data and orchestrate.

Hybrid Cloud Integration - API Design

API Design

Design, promote and monetise Application Programming Interfaces.

Hybrid Cloud Integration - Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Certifying standard and custom software against cloud services.

Hybrid Cloud Integration - Interoperability Testing

Interoperability Testing

Comparing applications against alternative cloud platforms and services.

Hybrid Cloud Integration - Connected Devices

Connected Devices

Integrating devices and sensors with IoT platforms.

Anaeko derisks integration

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