Anaeko Multi-Cloud DevOps Services

Multi-cloud devops services

Anaeko Multi-Cloud DevOps Services accelerate innovation by delivering business services faster across complex cloud environments.

We rapidly deliver secure and scalable solutions from Analytics to Archive using best practice Design Thinking, Agile and DevOps.

Unlike DevOps fanatics we use technology but aren’t defined by it.

We cultivate a pragmatic approach to agile development by eliminating the impact of technology choices and introducing automation at every stage.

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Agile Development - Application Design

Application Design

UX Design and Cloud platform design by experts with experience.

Agile Development - Application Development

Application Development

Developing cloud-native applications and scalable cloud architectures.

Agile Development - Test Automation

Test Automation

Automating functional, performance, acceptance and regression tests.

Agile Development - Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Rapid provision of integration and test environments across clouds.

Agile Development - Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Microservice architectures with real-time monitoring and analytics.

Agile Development - DevOps Reporting

DevOps Reporting

Executive reporting of release roadmaps and market adoption.

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