Anaeko is proud to support Digital Leaders Week 2021

Anaeko is proud to support Digital Leaders Week 2021

Anaeko is excited to be supporting this year’s Digital Leaders Week 2021.This will be the events 5th year with the national initiative promoting digital transformation, leadership and innovation. The event will launch at 9am on Monday 14th June, and will see 200+ sessions, 300 speakers and 30,000 free places online covering 12 topics, 4 sectors and 7 UK regions and the three home nations.

This year’s event will be like no other, with the entire event being held virtually due to covid-19. The virtual aspect of the event will truly showcase the resilience and adaptability of the technology industry across the UK. Digital leaders 2021 are working with a professional videographer to edit the talks into an engaging and well edited film, which will be streamed live on the Monday morning. This will be supported by a vast amount of interactive social media content with the ability to book in to watch selected lectures and sessions.

Denis Murphy, Chairman and CEO of Anaeko, said: “We are delighted to be Digital Leaders Partner for Northern Ireland this year. We very much support the Digital Leaders mission of building leaders to drive digital transformation across the public sector. This is particularly important in a post pandemic world”.

The theme for the week in Northern Ireland will be achieving Net Zero Carbon. This is becoming a major focus, not just across Northern Ireland but across all the regions. And will require collaboration between private sector, public sector and academia. Belfast’s ‘Net Zero Roadmap’ was launched in December 2020 by Climate Northern Ireland to improve the regions carbon footprint. Another initiative launched in early 2021 has been ‘Towards Net Zero’ a major strategic focus for Northern Ireland Water as the biggest user of electricity in the region.     

This theme will be looked at in further detail at Northern Ireland’s annual lecture keynote address on 15th June 2021. This presentation will focus on Northern Ireland’s strategies to mitigate the climate emergency through smarter water management. As a leader in software, Aneako will partner with NI Water to deliver this year’s annual lecture and panel discussion on the challenges around becoming carbon neutral by 2050. As part of Digital Leaders Week, Alistair Jinks, Director of Business Services at NI Water, will present Northern Ireland’s creative strategies in the water sector for slowing climate change by coupling bold leadership with digital innovation. For further details and to register follow the link HERE.

This event comes at a very important time as we work to unlock the UK’s economy and emerge from the tight lockdown restrictions that have been in place, since March 2020. This is the UK’s single biggest gathering of people focused on digital transformation and will address three key questions our partnering organisations face during this accelerated period of digital transformation: What works? How to? And where can we get advice? Over the five days delegates will get access to the best practice, meet the organisations that can help them answer these questions, develop new ideas and find practical solutions. There is also the opportunity to build peer-to-peer networks in order to share new thinking – all from the comfort of our home working environments.

We hope that you will all join us for an exciting week of content and innovation for the Digital Leaders week between 14th and 18th of June 2021.

Follow the link below to register: