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Octopus Deploy Service Partner

Anaeko have partnered with Octopus Deploy to provide DevOps Services for multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. Octopus automates complex deployments and seamlessly integrates with your DevOps tools. Anaeko are DevOps specialists, having delivered solutions to a range of sectors with various levels of scale.

Our Offerings

DevOps Health Check - Octopus Deploy

DevOps Health Check

Leveraging Anaeko’s Multi-Cloud DevOps experience and Octopus expertise, this service applies best-practice check lists and tooling to review your Octopus instance, infrastructure and software development practices.

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Octopus Deploy Quick Start - DevOps - CI/CD

Octopus Quick Start

This accelerator helps teams rapidly configure the deployment of a reference application to production following Octopus and DevOps best-practice.

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Octopus Delpoy Training Workshop

Octopus Training Workshop

This training service lead steams through a structured programme tailored to your organisation designed to rapidly enable and maximise Octopus value.

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Octopus Deploy Self-hosted Upgrade - DevOps - CI/CD

Octopus Self-hosted Upgrade

This service helps organisations running Octopus Deploy server on self-managed servers to upgrade the platform to avail of new features.

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Octopus Deploy Cloud Migration - DevOps

Octopus Cloud Migration

This service helps organisations migrate deployment processes to Octopus Cloud from Octopus self-hosted or from legacy deployment tools. Pricing is variable based on a custom statement of work.

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Partnering for Success

Anaeko is a company that delivers professional services and works in many sectors. We operate on multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises platforms, building on IBM, Red Hat, Azure, AWS, and leveraging cloud-based platforms like Octopus Deploy. We work with independent software vendors, deliver system integration, and come from a background of large-scale communication platforms.

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Where Does Octopus Deploy Fit - DevOps
Making Modern Deployment Simple - Anaeko DevOps Services

Making Modern Deployments Simple

There’s an increasing need for CI/CD (continuous integration and deployment) in a DevOps environment. What we’re doing is enabling our customers to more quickly package, test, build, and deploy their software for different environments.

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From start-up to enterprise: Implementing an effective deployment strategy