Anaeko attend DISCOVER: AWS NI at Titanic Belfast

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Anaeko attend DISCOVER: AWS NI at Titanic Belfast

The Anaeko team attended the Belfast stop on the AWS roadshow 2022 at Titanic Belfast this week. As an AWS partner we both attended and exhibited at the event held in the Olympic suite of the iconic building, and got a chance to hear from and connect with the expanding AWS community across Northern Ireland. […]

Analytics in AI: Prediction Machines in UK Gov

Working within the technology industry there are some buzzwords which come up over and over again, current one being ‘Artificial Intelligence’.  Algorithms Prediction machines use algorithms to predict the likelihood of X. For example, predicting the salary of an individual given information on their demographics, behaviour and cultural trends. By calculating the prediction accuracy of […]

Predictive Analytics for Better Health and Social Care

Artificial Intelligence Working within the technology industry there are some buzzwords which come up over and over again, the current one being ‘Artificial Intelligence’. A recent book on Prediction Machines: The simple economics of Artificial Intelligence gives a better understanding of what artificial intelligence means for the future; “The current wave of advances in artificial […]

Analysing the Benefits of Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Technology within healthcare has the potential to transform patient care and the health sector in many ways. The analysis of medical data can help gain insights and support decision-making by collecting data from a variety of areas such as medical costs, clinical data, patient behaviour and pharmaceuticals. Because healthcare data is so complex and can […]

Anaeko attend the INVENT Awards 2022

Last night Anaeko attended this years INVENT Awards at the ICC Belfast, where we acted as corporate sponsors of the ‘Business Software’ category and had the absolute pleasure of presenting the award to this years winners ‘Thunder’.  The INVENT Awards are Northern Ireland’s premier competition for innovative start-ups to showcase their business acumen and budding […]

Komala Rama | Senior Software Engineer at Anaeko

Komala Rama is a seasoned member of the Northern Ireland tech industry, and over the past year has become a valued member of the Anaeko team. Komala’s position as a Senior Software Engineer allows her to work on the development of high quality applications using the latest technologies based on customer requirements. Her attention to detail and ongoing […]