Anaeko attend the ‘Impact Awards 2022’ at London’s Ministry of Sound

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Anaeko attend the ‘Impact Awards 2022’ at London’s Ministry of Sound

The 6th Annual Impact Awards took place yesterday at London’s Ministry of Sound, and once again highlighted the latest champions of Tech for Good across the UK. The Digital Leaders Impact Awards celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. The awards are open to any person, business, government or […]

Partnership with iTouch and Anaeko accelerates time to market for Net Zero innovation

iTouch Smart Tech has forged a supportive innovation partnership with the larger software engineering firm, Anaeko.  Also based in Belfast, Anaeko is a data partner to multinational brands, helping companies digitally transform and make the most of their data. With 70 staff, mostly engineers, Anaeko’s largest customer is IBM, and they also work with some […]

Why data visibility and “One Source of the Truth” underpins everything

The purpose of the UK public sector and the NHS is to provide services that benefit all citizens and patients, while also managing these services, on a day-to-day basis. Yet many organisations within the public sector and the NHS cannot do this as efficiently as they should because they don’t have a full 360 degree view of their data or “One Source” of the truth. They may not […]

Considerations for public sector organisations during this period of transition

Taken at face value, the UK Government’s Shared Services Strategy and NHS reform programmes are a smart solution to address a number of complex and common problems right across the public sector. For years, individual public sector organisations have operated in isolation and in silo’s, specifically in relation to technology, processes and data – using different […]

Anaeko’s ‘Health Tech’ nominees announced for Digital Leaders Impact Awards

The nominees for ‘Health Tech’ at this years Digital Leaders Impact Awards have been announced, Anaeko are proud to sponsor a category that seeks to highlight tremendous innovation in healthcare technology. This award is for an organisation, service or initiative leveraging technology to drive up the adoption of health technologies and devices to benefit patient outcomes. […]

Anaeko sponsor the Digital Leaders Impact Awards 2022

Anaeko are proud to sponsor the ‘Impact Awards 2022’. The Impact Awards celebrate digital innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. They are open to any individual, business, government or non-profit using digital products or services for positive social or environmental benefit. Anaeko will be sponsoring this years HealthTech award, which looks […]