Geospatial exploration, poverty and respiratory problems

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Geospatial exploration, poverty and respiratory problems

Geospatial exploration, poverty and respiratory problems One observation that you’re seeing here is a geospatial exploration tool that we built on top of our data hub and it is created to help illustrate the relationship between health deprivation and pollution in a geospatial way.  The screenshot that I selected from that application is an illustration of the divide in Belfast a divide that occurs in most cities and you can see there is a divide between red and […]

The search for Data

Finding, analysing data, and new open data sources. With research done we had a plan, we had next steps and we hit our second hiccup, data. Our sponsors included in their support package data. The data that we received was unique, interesting and it had the potential to be really powerful but it was instead quite limited. This is a reflection on how difficult it is for government […]

The Impact of Respiratory Problems

Research around Respiratory Problems and Pollution Data What did we discover when we started looking at this area looking at the problem? so these numbers that you can see in front of you are really for Northern Ireland because this was a Northern Ireland focused project but you can put this into perspective if you remember that for example England has a population of around 30 times NorthernIreland. I don’t […]

Creating Clean Air for Healthcare: an SBRI Story

Introduction to the Anaeko SBRI Project Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the webinar, Creating Clean Air for Healthcare: an SBRI Story, my name is Lucy Wakeford i’m the head of online at Digital Leaders and it’s my pleasure to be chairing this session.  Before I introduce our presenter I’d firstly like to recap the topic to give anyone who might be running late a chance to join this webinar will be a […]

Smart Mobility for Smart Cities

“Smart City” is a term used to describe an urban area that utilise technology to both improve existing services, and to solve new and emerging issues that Urban Living and Urban Growth present. The world is an increasingly urbanised place. The United Nations state that in 2018 55% of the world’s population lived in urbanised […]

Anaeko Joins British Water

Anaeko is delighted to announce our membership of leading trade association British Water to support our growth and development as a specialist data & analytics solutions provider in the water sector. British Water has a varied membership of companies covering all sectors of the water and wastewater industry. Their members design, build, operate, maintain and […]