Anaeko welcomes Digital Leaders to Belfast

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Anaeko welcomes Digital Leaders to Belfast

Last night the Anaeko team welcomed Digital Leaders too Belfast at a private reception within the Titanic Hotel. With the iconic chairman’s office as its backdrop, the reception highlighted Anaeko as Digital Leaders ambassador for Northern Ireland, while also allowing the organisation to network with Northern Ireland’s finest in the technological industry.  For those who […]

Generation Innovation 2022 – Anaeko Supports the Next Generation in Innovation an Entrepreneurship

Generation Innovation aims to inform, upskill and empower the young people of the current generation to thrive as the next leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. And Anaeko is proud to support this event founded by Catalyst by offering resources for their work experience programme 2022.  The initiative energises the imaginations and aspirations of […]

Supporting the health service in Northern Ireland with digital care

There is a crisis in healthcare in Northern Ireland with longer waiting lists for surgery and crowding in emergency departments. Digital health technology has enormous potential to support service improvements that could save lives and improve outcomes for many patients. Northern Ireland has a substantial reservoir of innovative companies and health professionals. As a company […]

Anaeko attend the ‘Impact Awards 2022’ at London’s Ministry of Sound

The 6th Annual Impact Awards took place yesterday at London’s Ministry of Sound, and once again highlighted the latest champions of Tech for Good across the UK. The Digital Leaders Impact Awards celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. The awards are open to any person, business, government or […]

Partnership with iTouch and Anaeko accelerates time to market for Net Zero innovation

iTouch Smart Tech has forged a supportive innovation partnership with the larger software engineering firm, Anaeko.  Also based in Belfast, Anaeko is a data partner to multinational brands, helping companies digitally transform and make the most of their data. With 70 staff, mostly engineers, Anaeko’s largest customer is IBM, and they also work with some […]

Why data visibility and “One Source of the Truth” underpins everything

The purpose of the UK public sector and the NHS is to provide services that benefit all citizens and patients, while also managing these services, on a day-to-day basis. Yet many organisations within the public sector and the NHS cannot do this as efficiently as they should because they don’t have a full 360 degree view of their data or “One Source” of the truth. They may not […]