Hybrid Cloud Integration: Opportunities and Challenges

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Hybrid Cloud Integration: Opportunities and Challenges

Hybrid Cloud Integration Partner Anaeko addresses the problem of increasing cloud complexity by providing large enterprises, system integrators and service providers with a Trusted Data Partner. The Opportunities of Hybrid Cloud Integration Since 2004, Anaeko has delivered hybrid cloud integration services. We helped companies get advantage of the opportunities a Hybrid Cloud Integration brings like: Reduce […]

Smart Cities are Tracking Air Quality Data

A smart city is “An urban area using different types of data and sensors to provide information, with the goal of efficiently managing assets and resources.” (DisruptorDaily) With the help from IoT and communities smart cities can improve their urban environments by streamlining public services, help energy distribution, decrease traffic congestion, and improve Air Quality. […]

Optimising Kubernetes to Accelerate Digital Transformation

When we talk about hybrid cloud we’re talking about firstly organisations that are using both on-premise private cloud and public cloud offerings and secondly have applications that move between them. There are various forms of those, for example we have worked on projects where a single application running in an environment is accessing data on private and public cloud because there are different benefits. We […]