Digital Leaders Week has Launched

Digital Leaders Week has Launched

We are delighted to be Digital Leaders Partner for Northern Ireland this year. We very much support the Digital Leaders mission of building leaders to drive digital transformation across the public sector. This is particularly important in a post pandemic world.

For Digital Leaders Week we plan a great programme which includes:

  1. A Launch Video
  2. An Annual Lecture
  3. A Flagship Event
  4. A number of other event from other NI partners

The theme for the week in Northern Ireland will be achieving Net Zero Carbon. This is becoming a major focus, not alone across Northern Ireland, but across all the regions and will require collaboration between private sector, public sector and academia. Some example Northern Ireland initiatives are as follows:

  • The Belfast Net Zero Roadmap was launched before Christmas and
  • Towards Net Zero is a major strategy focus for NI Water as the biggest user of electricity in the region.

We hope that you will all join us for some great content and speaker for the Digital Leaders week between 14th and 18th of June 2021.