Komala Rama | Senior Software Engineer at Anaeko

Komala Rama | Senior Software Engineer at Anaeko

Komala Rama is a seasoned member of the Northern Ireland tech industry, and over the past year has become a valued member of the Anaeko team. Komala’s position as a Senior Software Engineer allows her to work on the development of high quality applications using the latest technologies based on customer requirements. Her attention to detail and ongoing dedication to customer needs has made Komala a great asset and valuable team member at Anaeko.

What is a Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer at Anaeko, you will work on projects where you can make a real difference to people’s lives and help develop solutions on a global scale. A Senior position will make you an integral part of any customer project, with leadership and time management at the forefront of your project responsibilities. Mentorship may also become an important part of your daily role as the team grows and junior software engineers join our team.

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing high quality solutions which impact the lives of users worldwide.
  • Working as part of a team to solve problems and produce innovative software solutions.
  •  Learning about new technologies and approaches, with talented colleagues who will help you learn, develop and grow.
  •  Developing excellent technical, team-working and Agile project experience.
  • Contributing to peer reviews of designs, code and test specifications
  • Continuous innovation and improvement

Senior Software Engineer Skills

Communication Skills

It’s extremely rare that Software Engineers work in isolation. In fact, what separates Software Engineers from similar roles like Software Developers tends to be the amount of high-level collaboration, leadership, and team building required of a Software Engineer – and communication skills are key to all of that. Software Engineers should be able to clearly communicate – in writing and orally – with virtually any type of team or company stakeholder, regardless of that person’s technical background.

Team Player

Software Engineers typically work as part of a team – or leading one – and creating or maintaining great software programs requires the input and expertise of a great number of people. Success or failure will be shared by that team. Successful Software Engineers must understand how to compromise, how to motivate others to deliver the best work they’re capable of, and how to take and learn from criticism.

Problem Solving

Successfully steering software development projects to completion requires quickly identifying and solving a lot of issues along the way. Software Engineers must be curious and creative problem-solvers, able to sift through code to pinpoint a programming error while also anticipating other issues before they arise and adapting quickly to solve them.

Attention to Detail

Software Engineers are expected to be precise and meticulous, with a high level of attention to detail applied to everything from coding to testing to documenting projects. Some software engineering industry best practices – like using version control systems to keep track of old work – fall into this category of soft skills.


TIM : Hi Komala, do you want to introduce yourself, and your position within Anaeko?

KOMALA: My name is Komala Rama, and I am a Senior Software Engineer at Anaeko.

TIM: Perfect, so how would you summarise what you do on a daily basis, what does a Senior Software Engineers day look like?

KOMALA: I spend most of my day working with our internal team members on analysing and developing various application features, Attending meetings like standup, retro, sprint planning, demos, knowledge sharing, support issues etc. My day can look very different depending on which project I am on, so the variety keeps things very fresh and exciting.

TIM: How long have you worked for Anaeko and what made you want to work for the company?

KOMALA: I have been working with Anaeko for just over a year. So I haven’t been here for long, but I really feel valued at Anaeko. The team is very friendly, flexible and although the work can be challenging, it is also very rewarding.

My current job cannot be compared to any previous roles I have had, the hybrid working model and the people within Anaeko allow for an incredibly unique working landscape.   Communication is very important at Anaeko, and this has been incredibly strong considering I started my position remotely, and have built a strong working relationship with many colleagues despite our geographical location.

TIM: Tell me about a recent project you worked on or a nice encounter you had with a co-worker.

KOMALA: At Anaeko, I mainly work on IBM cloud storage Application. My project is mainly about taking snapshots of the storage volumes as a backup and restoring them anytime from these snapshots. IBM cloud storage is a complex application with so many different teams involved in its maintenance and development. The Anaeko team have been so helpful with my understanding of the projects concepts and have always shown great appreciation on completion of my work.

TIM:  What do you look forward to most at work? 

KOMALA: I look forward to further improving my knowledge on the latest technologies and any new challenges that can help me broaden my experience.

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