Data Platform Design Services Consultation

Request a consultation with Anaeko for Data Platform Design and Delivery Services.

Our data platform design service provides architectural design and delivery of a modern, secure, scalable, resilient data hub on cloud, supporting secure data sharing data for reporting and analytics, including business intelligence (BI) reporting and evidence-based decision making.

Data Platform Design Services Consultation

Let Anaeko help leverage cloud managed services, open-source frameworks and components, and commercial products to implement best-fit Data Lake, Warehouse and Lake-House for data hubs to focus on analytics and allow for secure organisation data sharing. Contact us below to get started and set up an initial consultation with our expert team.

Service Features:
⁃ Data Infrastructure Design on AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, GOV.UK PaaS.
⁃ Data Services supporting Analytics and AI/ML: API, Open-API and SQL.
⁃ Data Infrastructure Deployment and Management with Automation.
⁃ Data Infrastructure Security, Scaling, Resilience and Cost Optimisation.
⁃ Data Engineering: SQL Database, GIS, No-SQL, Metadata and Catalogues.
⁃ Data Pipeline Build & Integration for ETL & ELT.
⁃ Data Processing for Batch, API, & Streaming (Kafka, cloud-native) Interfaces.
⁃ Data Collection, Cleansing and Convergence.
⁃ Data storage management, backup/recovery, and disaster recovery.
⁃ Cloud technology adoption support and Knowledge Transfer for Platforms.

Our Customers

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Platform Design Services Consultation