User Centred Design Services Consultation

Request a consultation with Anaeko for Rapid Prototyping and User Centred Design Services.

Our User Researchers, Analysts, UI/UX Designers and Engineers create and prioritise user stories through an iterative process, rapidly building wireframes and UI designs that incorporate user feedback to create a proof-of-concept (PoC)prototype.

Anaeko has teams with skills to move your products and services from Discovery phase to Alpha/Beta user-trials and to Live operation with Support. Our teams are experienced in the development of services, applications and integrations on public cloud, hybrid, on-premise and private cloud environments.

User Centred Design Services Consultation

Let Anaeko help transform the way your organisation designs products and services by better understanding your users and their needs to create successful products that solve a problem and realise your vision.

User Centred Design is a critical part to all organisations, at every stage and area of business, creating an iterative approach to improve and grow with your users. Anaeko is here to help develop and implement User Centred Design frameworks. Contact us below to get started and set up an initial consultation with our expert team.

Service Features:
⁃ Identify and engage stakeholders across the organisation to research needs.
⁃ Work backwards from user needs to design new services.
⁃ Redesign the user experience of existing applications.
⁃ Run design-thinking and ideation workshops.
⁃ Identify User Personas, describe their journeys and map requirements.
⁃ Create user journey and flow maps, wireframes and mock-ups based on requirements.
⁃ Create and demonstrate lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes for PoC.
⁃ Rapidly test new ideas and new features.
⁃ Agile delivery demonstrating to stakeholders at end of each sprint.
⁃ Conformance to the latest WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.
⁃ Use innovative cloud products to enhance products and services.
⁃ For clients who prefer remote working, our teams are very experienced in remote working practices which are supported by our use of digital tools such as Microsoft Teams, digital whiteboards, and online real-time project tracking and management.

Our Customers

Anaeko has worked with a wide variety of companies since its inception

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User Centred Design Services Consultation