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Anaeko Transport Data Engineers at Road Transport Expo 2024

Join Anaeko at Road Transport Expo 2024 at NAEC Stoneleigh. Explore the transformative power of data in the transport sector with Anaeko’s transport data engineers.

Stand N35A – Tues 4th June 2024 to Thurs 6th June 2024
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Explore the transformative power of data in the transport industry. Discover real-world success stories of risk reduction, enhanced services, & cost savings through rapid data discovery. Join us to unlock a new era of transportation innovation.

In the ever-evolving transport landscape, data is the driving force. With data insights, transport systems are optimizing routes, predicting maintenance needs, planning vehicle replacements and EV strategy, meeting CSRD ESG reporting requirements, and elevating customer experiences. Experience the data-driven revolution that’s shaping the future of transport with Anaeko.

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Unlock the potential of data in transport. From optimising routes to predicting maintenance needs, data is reshaping the industry. Dive into real-world success stories and discover how Anaeko’s expertise can drive your transport services to new heights. Anaeko analysed, ingested and consolidated internal and supplier data into a combined Azure data-warehouse and PowerBI dashboard that delivers data insights through KPI reports, historical trends and drill-down analysis across 12 critical reporting functions.

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Driving Down Fuel Costs - Fleet Management KPIs

Driving Down Fuel Costs: Start Tracking Your Fleet Management KPIs

Within the transport sector there’s often a shared data requirement. What your organisation consumes from your suppliers in terms of data can often be shared back, allowing for the optimisation of supply chains. This, in turn, helps in overall operations optimisation, reducing costs related to physical assets, such as vehicles, maintenance, and fuel, as well as operational costs and risks.

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Our Data-Driven Impact

Experience the tangible results of data utilisation in transport. Within the industry, data sources are diverse, including service and repair data, tracking platforms, internal asset registers, departments, geographic locations, fuel supplier information, accident and incident reports, budgeting models, and project projections. Ultimately, for any transport and logistics company, achieving a unified view of this complex data landscape is essential to understanding its implications and navigating challenges effectively with actionable insights.

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Partnering for Success

Join forces with Anaeko to navigate the complex world of transport data. Our expertise, ensures tailored solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. From creating a more sustainable future to simply extending the breadth and depth of your development team. Let’s forge a data-powered future together.

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Data in Motion: Transforming Transport

Immerse yourself in our video journey showcasing the transformative impact of data in the transport industry. Witness real-world success stories, cutting-edge solutions, and the innovative ways Anaeko is driving transport evolution through data-driven insights.

Nolan Transport: Driven by Data Data Driven

Nolan Transport: Driven by Data…Data Driven

Nolan Transport Group is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1963. Currently, we employ over a thousand people and manage 2,700 freight units. This means we have a significant number of employees and a vast fleet of vehicles, resulting in a complex operation with many moving parts. All these moving parts generate valuable data that plays a crucial role in guiding our business decisions, both in the present and for the future.

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Data Sharing for Sustainable Transport - Anaeko Transport Data Engineers

Avoid, Shift, Improve: Data Sharing Across Transport Operators

There is the necessity for sustainability, driven by regulatory compliance, but I will also look at the business advantage it offers in terms of efficiency and customer attraction.

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Optimising Transport: Accelerating insights for road, rail, and air data