AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment from Anaeko

Define a bold, achievable vision for cloud adoption, with clear unambiguous business outcomes that align with organisation goals and address stakeholder needs. Anaeko’s fast assessment ensures clear alignment between technology projects, measurements of value, and outcomes. Define a strategy with actionable next steps and risk mitigation. Create a plan with quick wins and roadmap for prioritised projects.

Anaeko’s Cloud Readiness Assessment delivers

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Engagement

Engagement: Change management, in particular Stakeholder engagement, is critical for frictionless transition to cloud technologies and processes. Anaeko uses a consistent framework to engage the complete list of stakeholders, to understand their needs and conditions of satisfaction to optimise recommendations that quickly address key business and operational challenges.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Value

Value: Anaeko considers all aspects of people, processes and technology when recommending a strategy and plan for improved delivery of services in AWS cloud. Digital transformation, and Application and Data Migration strategies for the cloud, consider value for money options and balance risks against rewards.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Success

Success: Our approach prioritises projects against agreed assessment criteria to maximise impact. Plans consider initial quick wins that demonstrate value to key stakeholders, including customers. Strategies consider change management and the use of technology, mechanisms, and processes to deliver new service features rapidly and cost-effectively.

We recommend our Cloud Readiness Assessment to deliver a clear vision and strategy for running your applications efficiently on AWS Cloud. Our clearly documented recommendations are founded on business outcomes, and they set out prioritised project plans, business justification, and measurements of success.

With our AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment we will:

1. Define

an initial half-day workshop with stakeholders to define strategy, based on a clear and consistent assessment framework.

2. Plan

our analysis of your digital estate with stakeholders, considers organisational alignment, skills readiness plan, and cloud adoption plan. Complete in 2 weeks or more depending on size of the estate.

3. Deliver

socialise, expand and refine plans for stakeholder agreement on prioritised delivery roadmap, business cases, and measurements of success.

Anaeko’s Cloud Readiness Assessment will deliver a cloud adoption strategy for your digital estate that has stakeholder buy-in and that aligns with your business goals. It delivers clear plans that cater for skills, business priorities and economics. View our AWS Observability Solutions as part of our full suite of AWS services. With an AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment from Anaeko you will:

Optimise your Cloud Adoption Journey

Foster Stakeholder Support

Focus on Business Outcomes

Align Technology with Outcomes

Optimise Cost of Service Delivery

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6 key areas of Anaeko’s Cloud Readiness Assessment:

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Economics

Economics: Understanding total cost of ownership is important for budget approval and allocation. Major aspects are upskilling IT staff and cost optimisation for AWS cloud hosting environments.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Empowerment

Empowerment: Careful identification of all stakeholders and inclusive engagement ensures all perspectives and ideas are heard and included in well-conceived, clearly documented strategy and plans.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Alignment

Alignment: Technology recommendations are aligned with business goals and staff skills.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Strategy

Strategy: We follow industry best practice with strategies for application migration to the AWS Cloud. Analysis of benefit versus cost and risk, business events, and system inter-dependencies, inform plans and prioritisation for groups of applications and data.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Combat Inertia

Combat Inertia: Many cloud transformation projects suffer from inertia that leads to inefficiency and unnecessary expense. For larger digital estates our rapid assessment methods identify and plan for opportunities to start small, with low-risk quick-win projects that build stakeholder confidence and generate momentum.

AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment - Standardisation

Standardisation: Rationalisation and standardisation on technologies and mechanisms is important in respect of staff skills and training, cost efficiency and avoiding vendor lock-in. Anaeko consults with the organisation’s standard bearers and documented principles/guidelines when formulating recommendations.

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