AWS Observability Solutions

AWS Observability Solutions from Anaeko

Understand your workload, support your customers and your business with AWS Observability Solutions from Anaeko that will give you insights for the present and help you plan for the future.

Observability tells you what is happening but it also tells you why. It is essential for understanding what is normal and when it is time to pay attention and take action. Over time it enables understanding of trends and allows for predictive analytics. It also provides concrete reasons for planning decisions, prioritisation and ultimately evidence of success.

Why complete AWS Observability and Monitoring

AWS Observability Solutions from Anaeko

Understanding: Essential for understanding what is normal and when it is time to pay attention and take action.

AWS Observability Solutions from Anaeko Analytics

Analytics: Visualise trends as a precursor to predictive analytics.

AWS Observability Solutions from Anaeko - Success

Success: Provides concrete reasons for planning decisions, prioritisation, an ultimately evidence of success.

We recommend our free AWS Well-Architected Review to help you to uncover and focus on your priorities. The AWS structured review will enable you to identify next steps for your security, performance or cost optimisation.

As part of our Observability Solution we will:

1. Design

Discover and prioritise a target Observability Solution

2. Benchmark

Instrument, measure and develop targets

3. Implement

Create an Observability dashboard.

An AWS Observability Solution from Anaeko allows you to monitor what is going on and know the impact of updates. KPIs designed around your priorities will be the foundation of your Observability platform, tracking and alerting on immediate priorities and next steps for the business. View our AWS Platform Automation Solution as part of our full suite of AWS services.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Optimise Operation and Support Costs

Data Driven Decisions and Planning

Evidence Based Continuous Improvement

Improve Security and Data Governance

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6 Types of AWS Observability

AWS Observability Solutions - Billing Observability

Billing Observability: Cost Categories, Tagging, Budgets, and Unit Economics KPIs.

AWS Observability Solutions - Customer Observability

Customer Observability: Customer Experience KPIs and SLAs, Customer Usage, Customer Economics, and Customer Support.

AWS Observability Solutions - Operations Observability

Operations Observability: Capacity, Availability, Performance Metrics, and Internal State Tracing.

AWS Observability Solutions - Security Observability

Security Observability: Access Audits, Accountability Audits, Compliance, and Anomaly Alerts.

AWS Observability Solutions - Application Observability

Application Observability: Load Metrics, Performance Metrics, Usage Metrics, Version Traceability, Error Discoverability, and Synthetic Testing.

AWS Observability Solutions - Data Observability

Data Observability: Data Freshness, Data Quality, Anomaly Detection, and Data Access Reporting.

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