Anaeko Government Data Engineering: Anaeko Data Integration helps Verint deliver Digital Customer Excellence for London Borough of Enfield

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Anaeko was engaged by Verint for data engineering services to assist with their product development and data integration in fulfilling their government contract with London Borough of Enfield.

Anaeko helped Verint to replace two existing CRM’s ( Microsoft Dynamics and Lagan ) which were both being used as knowledge management systems, and worked on the development of a new customer platform.

Anaeko’s experience with Verint’s ‘Engagement Management Pro’ was an extremely valuable asset to this project. Seeking to put the customer at the heart of all they do, Enfield Council choose EM Pro as the means to enable the council to automate the end to end fulfilment of service requests from its customers. This solution aims to provide a single digital platform on which to manage service requests consistently, regardless of the channel in which they were initially generated. The solution will be integrated into more than 20 departmental “back office” systems, providing a single view of the customer, and for the customer, a single view of the council.

Stretching over more than a decade Anaeko has assisted Verint in delivering solutions for 30 UK councils and further global customers. During that time, we introduced innovation and skills into established Verint teams.


As an integration partner Anaeko designed, delivered, and helped manage reusable API Integration Framework. We developed standards-based Open Data APIs for Civic Issue Reporting and released Citizen Apps and Portals leveraging these APIs. We provided outsourced development, deployment, configuration, and managed services to integrate end-to-end Case Management processes across CRM, BI and back-office systems.

CRM Migration & Process Development

Replacing customers CRM applications with Verint’s latest cloud offering. Developing customer processes with the Verint product set. Helping to increase Citizen engagement through digital and self-service channels in addition to traditional modes of communication.

Data Cleanse & Migration

Migration of data from customers legacy applications to Verint’s Engagement Management cloud application set. Data integration including data cleansing and transformation before loading into Verint.

Third Party Integration Development

Integrating Verint customer’s processes with Third Party applications and services. These include Payment providers, Asset management providers, GIS mapping providers. Municipal service providers. Time tabling and slot booking applications.


•  Happier Customers: Customer satisfaction increased thanks to a more streamlined end-to-end customer resolution process 
•  Increased Engagement: An exponential increase in customers usage of self-service processes
•  Maximised Efficiency: Faster ROI with quicker customer solution deployments.


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