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Your Trusted Data Partner

Anaeko Core Competencies


New Case Study: Data Optimisation Solutions for Autonomous Driving

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Integrated Analytics


Analytics as a Service consolidating data onto policy-controlled platforms providing business users with self-service analytics.

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Hybrid Cloud Integration

Hybrid Cloud

Anaeko address the problem of increasing cloud complexity by providing large enterprises, systems integrators and service providers with a trusted data partner.

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Data Optimisation Solutions


We ensure large organisations can trust their data by forming a trusted partnership that supports their tactical and strategic objectives.

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Remote Agile and DevOps Services

Remote Agile
& DevOps

Remote Agile & DevOps services to help technology teams under pressure.

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ECME Mini Project

Anaeko is building a health datahub and geospatial dashboard, leveraging open data to correlate geospatial and health information.

The platform will optimise ultra local logistics and community care for high risk groups when relaxing Covid-19 restrictions and beyond.

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Anaeko makes it easy for business leaders to engage technical experts.


Anaeko brings our experience of building The Cloud to those who use it.

Cloud Scale Projects

Anaeko works across a variety of regulated industries.

Anaeko and IBM Integration Services


Anaeko delivers hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud storage solutions integrating IBM Cloud with all leading storage platforms and storage applications. Read more…

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Anaeko brings a refreshingly different approach to integration.

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