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Legal, Privacy and Security issues with choosing cloud services
Legal, Privacy and Security issues with choosing cloud services
A major concern regarding data protection are the legal penalties and damages that may result in the case where the negotiated contract and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are breeched. This concern is magnified in the case where an organisation is selling a service(s) based on services or infrastructure provided by a cloud provider. The matching of the SLA or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) offered by that organisation to its customers with the SLA negotiated with its cloud provider is paramount. The cloud provider’s SLA is in effect an under-pinning contract to the organisation’s customer SLA. For example, unless the downtime in the service offered by the organisation matches the downtime negotiated with its cloud provider, then the organisation’s customer SLAs will be breeched and potentially incur financial penalties. The net effect is that the cloud provider SLA will form the basis of the organisation’s customer SLA and will potentially dictate the viability of their service.
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